One of the most beautiful and least dangerous mountain hiking areas of the Allgäu

The Horngrat mountain station (1540m) opens up one of the most beautiful and least dangerous mountain hiking areas of the Allgäu:
Easy, enjoyable hiking for young and old on the high paths with a wonderful background in the protected lanscape area of the Hörner Group with its manifold
alpine flora. Comfortable mountain guest houses and Alps offering victuals invite you to have a meal.

Hikings of the Hörnerbahn

Suggestions for hiking

Nine recommendations from the mountain station.

Have fun in nature!

1. Suggestion

Bolsterlanger Horn

Trip to the look-out peak Bolsterlanger Horn (1586m) with short climb and back - about 30 minutes.

2. Suggestion

Popular, almost even panorama high path to the Berghaus Schwaben

Popular, almost even panorama high path to the Berghaus Schwaben and back, with a view of the Allgäuer Hauptkamm (main crest) and wonderful alpine rose fields (bloom starting in mid-June, absolutely protected!), especially recommended for families and senior citizens - about 1.5 hours.



Round-trip path via Weiherkopf (climb to 1665m, wonderful all-around view), then follow the crest westwards somewhat downhill and uphill to the Großer Ochsenkopf (1662m), from there slope in southwestern direction, until a comfortable path leads back to the mountain station via the Berghaus Schwaben (or the other way around) - about 3 hours.

4. Suggestion

Mittelstation (or Hörnerhaus)

To the valley station first following the Alpweg (Alp path) to the mountain restaurant Mittelstation (or Hörnerhaus) and Sennalpe Ornach, below at the fork go south on the Bergblick-Höhenweg (mountain view high path) via the Sonderhofer Kreuz - about 1.5 hours.

5. Suggestion

Panorama path to the Grasgehrenhütte

Panorama path to the Grasgehrenhütte (Grasgehren cottage) via Berghaus Schwaben - Sattel Riedberger Horn - about 2 hours (if you include a climb to the kingly look-out peak Riedberger Horn 1786m about 1 hour longer), bus connection back to Bolsterlang Panoramaweg

6. Suggestion

valley station via Alpe Hintereck

To the valley station via Alpe Hintereck (before Berghaus Schwaben!), follow a foot path down to the Bogen valley to the Alpe Zunkleiten (1172m), from here take the left-forking footpath slightly upwards to the Sonderhofer Kreuz and Bergblick-Höhenweg - about 2.5 hours

6a. Suggestion

Exciting Tobelweg

Exciting Tobelweg to the cool bed of the Bolgenach, after the bridge turn left via the Bergblick-Höhenweg to the valley station - 1.5 hours, from Alpe Zunkleiten.

7. Suggestion

valley station Berghaus Schwaben

To the valley station via Berghaus Schwaben to the end of the Hoch valley, from there downwards via Obere and Untere Bolgenalpe, along the Bolgenach to the Alpe Zunkleiten, from here like Nr. 6 - about 3 hours.

8. Suggestion

valley station via Wannenkopf

To the valley station via Wannenkopf: At first, follow Nr. 5 directions, then from the Sattel Riedberger Horn continue on southeast to the Wannenkopf (1712m, great view, high-moor landscape!), slope east-wards (steep!) to the Bolgen valley, from there follow the Alpweg towards Sonderdorf, until the Bergblick-Höhenweg forks off to the left and leads to the valley station - 5 hours.

9. Suggestion

The famous, classic Hörner Tour

The famous, classic Hörner Tour starts like Nr. 3 with the climb to the Weiherkopf (1665m), but goes north from here via the Rangiswanger Horn (1616m, alpine roses!), the Sigiswanger Horn (1527m) and the Ofterschwanger Horn (1406m) to the mountain station of the Vierersesselbahn (1306m) - about 4 hours; if you go around the four peaks only about 3 hours. After riding to the valley from Ofterschwang, take the bus back to Bolsterlang.

botany under the Hörnerbahn

Botanical hiking map

Botanical hiking map of the level trails in the area Hörnerbahn to three different seasons.

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