Hiking in the "Nagelfluhkette" Nature Park

7 km before Oberstdorf – Grab the Allgäu by the „Horns“

Germany’s most beautiful flowering mountains in nature park "Nagelfluhkette"

  •    Easy and enjoyable mountainhiking at a healthy altitud
  •    Renowned Panorama high-paths
  •    Fascinating views of the Allgäuer Hauptkamm (main crest)
  •    Unique flora and fauna in the protected nature park
  •    Mountain guest houses and Sennalpen invite you to have a meal
  •    Free large parking lots
  •    Public bus stop at the valley station

The view over the mountains

Summer Prices

Valid from May 2017 until November 2017

Important information:       Hours of Operation: First mountain ride 8:30 a.m.     |      last mountain/valley ride 4:30 p.m.     |      from 09.07. to 11.09.2014 last mountain/valley ride 5:00 p.m.

Hörnerbahn 6-seat cable car Adults Children
Mountain and Valley 18,50 € 9,50 €
Mountain and Valley discounted 17,50 € 9,00 €
Mountain 14,50 € 7,00 €
Mountain discounted 14,00 € 6,50 €
Valley 11,00 € 6,00 €

The ride can be interrupted for as long as desired at the middle station

Verbundkarte-Hörnertour (Combi-Ticket)
(Hörnerbahn/Ofterschwang or reversed)
Adults Children
Mountain and Valley 20,50 € 11,00 €
Mountain and Valley discounted 19,50 € 10,50 €

Children born in 2011 or later ride free in accompaniment of a parent!
Discounted prices for mountain or mountain and valley rides are available for guests who show a valid Allgäu Walser Card or a valid bus ticket, and also for local residents or heavily disabled persons who show a valid identification card. There is always only one discount possible. Please show your identification without being asked! Discounted prices for travel groups and school classes upon request!

Family Savings Passes Hörnerbahn Verbundkarte (Combi-Ticket)
Mountain and Valley
Father, Mother, 1 child born from 99-2011
43,00 € 48,50 €
Mountain or Valley
Father, Mother, 1 child born from 99-2011
34,00 € -
Mountain and Valley
1 Elternteil, 1 child born from 99-2011
26,00 € 29,00 €
Mountain or Valley
1 Elternteil, 1 child born from 99-2011
20,50 € -

Especially family-friendly:
2. child born from 1998 and younger + your children born in 1999 and younger with parents or 1 parent are free!

Paraglider incl. Start- und Landing Fee
Half-Day Pass (from 8:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. or from 12:00 p.m.) 24,00 €
Day Pass 30,00 €
Additional Fee 15,00 €
Single trip 11,00 €

Kaffeefahrt (Coffee-Tour) daily from 2:00 p.m. Adults Children
Mountain and Valley incl. coffee and cake 16,00 € -
Mountain and Valley incl. drink or ice cream - 9,00 €

Bogenparcours Adults Children
16,50 € 9,50 €

Only for shooters with its own bow! Incl. Ascent to course!

The Hörnerbahn team is available 7 days since a week for you and wishes you a relaxing and fun-filled day!

Expected end of the summer season: 05.11.2017

Mountaincarts Adults Children
Mountaincart including helmet (ascent is not included) 15,00 € 11,50 €
Protective Overall 3,00 € 3,00 €

General information :

The prices are in euro and are valid only in the summer of 2017. Tickets are non-transferable. There is no entitlement to subsequent Exchange for another ticket, as well as extension, refund or displacement of the respective validity. Lost tickets will not be replaced.

Holders of guest cards, and local (district OA and KE), retired from vintage 1956 and older, army members and community service, as well as disabled (60%) of the above discounted tickets against unsolicited submission of the corresponding pass. There can only be granted a discount. Children born in 2011 and younger ride free.

The transportation of bicycles, prams and dogs is free. Free parking at the valley station.

The general conditions of carriage according to notice at the valley station Bolsterlang. In bad weather is expected deterioration of the driving operation!

All information without prejudice! Changes and errors.

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