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Cars, lifts and slopes

12 Slopes for beginners and professionals

No. Slope Length Altitude difference open/ close
1. Weiherkopf FIS-Men's downhill run 3.100 m 800 m
2. Weiherkopf-downhill run 2.100 m 525 m
3. Knobel FIS-Slalom-ski-run 1.200 m 365 m
4. Horngrat downhill run 1400 m 160 m
5. Snowcross 850 m 200 m
6. Stuiben downhill run 1.250m 260 m
7. Farnrücken Diretissima 550 m 200 m
8. Dorflift downhill runs 2.8200 m 160 m
9. Skiroute Märchenwiese 1.500 m 450m
10. Skiroute Laubbrunnen 1.600 m 260m
11. Tal downhill run 1.550 m 250m
12. Fun-Park

Cable Cars and Lifts of Hörnerbahn

You can use following cable cars and lifts

No. Slope Length Altitude difference open/ close
A Hörnerbahn 6er-Gondelbahn * 1.800m 600m
B Stuibeneckbahn (Double Chair Lift) 850m 260m
C Weiherkopflift 1.200m 400m
D Dorflift 700m 160m
F Hörni-platter lift 270m 50m
G Hörni's childland

*6-seat Cabin Round-Trip Cable Car with fully automatic passage. Mittelstation: Alternatively stay seated, get off or get on.

If you don't think you can make the partially red valley slope, you can follow the blue family slope to the valley station of the Stuibeneckbahn; from here ride up to the Mittelstation and then take the cable car to the valley.

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Free Wi-Fi!

Starting next winter we offer at four of our stations free Wi-Fi!


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More services offered

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